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   This family tree is intended to be of benefit to the family.  We hope no one takes offense at being listed here.  The names and information that appears here is sent to us by family members.  If you wish to be removed from this page, or if we have wildly inaccurate information regarding your branch of the family (and I'm sure we do), please e-mail us and let us know the corrections to make.  
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ZOTIGH, "Harry Hall" 'Zo-ti' [1882] (+1) Belle Koomsa 'Kau-ko-e' [1881]
        ZOTIGH, Beulah Pauline "Hall" [1902] (+1) Charlie Tanequoodle Redbird
Tanequoodle Redbird, Ruby (+1) Webster Charlie High
High, Roger Lee
                        High, Thelma Jean
                        High, Eva Rose
                        High, Carol Jane Linda
                        High, Margie Ann
                        High, Jerry Lee
                        High, Frieda Rae

        ZOTIGH, Fred Roy "Hall" 'Tho-v^aui' [1903] (+1) Elizabeth "A-quoe-yote"
                Zotigh, Irene [1920] (+1) Francis Stumblingbear [1912]
Stumblingbear, Francetta Z. (+1) Jerry Wilson
                                Wilson, Randy (+1) Barbara Rhodd
                                        Wilson, Daveena (+1) Victor Martinez
                                                Martinez, Garbriel
                                                Martinez, Marcus
                                        Wilson, Lindsey (+1) 
                                                Wilson, Annaleece
                                        Wilson, Lindsey (+2) Alex Rueda
                                                Rueda, Alex
                                        Wilson, Randi Paulette
                                        Wilson, Mathew
                                Wilson, Shereen (+1) Randy Harjo
                                        Harjo, Randy Lee 'Backwoods Boy'
                                        Harjo, Asha 'Alahoie' (+1) David Mendez
                                                Mendez, Aliciana
                                Asetamy, "Wilson" 'Thay-gyah-bone-maw' Anthony (+1) Mkenna Garfield
                                        Asetamy, Brycianna Jaycetta Marie 'Gya-khome-day-he-tone-mah-tone'
                                Wilson, Jon (+1) Linda Shaffer
                                        Wilson, Joseph
                                Wilson, Jon (+2) Kaye Bohrer
                                        Wilson, Irene
                                        Wilson, Carolyn
                                Wilson, Jerry Jr. (+1) Lesely Youngblood
                                        Youngblood, Aaron
                                Wilson, Jerry Jr. (+2) Cheryl Rosenbaum
                                        Wilson, April
                                        Wilson, Andrew
                                Wilson, Jerry Jr. (+3) Karina Watson
                                        Wilson, Jonni
                                        Wilson, Francetta
                                        Wilson, Spencer
                                        Wilson, Tahloo
                                        Wilson, Sophia
                        Stumblingbear, Mary Elizabeth 'Poh-lah-ee' {Polina} (+1) John Richard Esquibel
                                Esquibel, Polina Irene {Angel} (+1) Gary Simon
                                        Simon, Forest
                                        Simon, Sulian
                                        Simon, Nina
                        Stumblingbear, Mary Elizabeth 'Poh-lah-ee' {Polina} (+2) George Allen Monahan
                                Monahan, Georganne
                                Monahan, George Allen Jr. (+1) Dorothy {Dory} Morgan
                                Monahan, Anthony Vernal
                        Stumblingbear, Sandra (+1) ?? Roubedeaux
                                Roubedeaux, Sean 
                                Roubedeaux, Sonja (+1) ?? Mendia
                                        Mendia, Loren
                                        Mendia, Tillie
                        Stumblingbear, Sandra (+2) Al Mendia
                                Mendia, Raquel
                                Mendia, Jeronima (+1) ?? Cunningham
                                        Cunningham,  Cyrus
                                Mendia, David
                        Stumblingbear, Andy Leroy (+1)  Melinda Duran
                                Stumblingbear, Ronald (1) Leigh Ann Smith
                                        Stumblingbear, Thomas
                                        Stumblingbear, Autumn
                        Stumblingbear, Andy Leroy (+2)  Carol Jean ??
                                Stumblingbear, Sharon Kay
                        Stumblingbear, Eugene Glen 'Al-hongia' {Louie} (+1) Lynnette Diane Paul
                                Stumblingbear, Eugene {Geneo}
                                Stumblingbear, Daniel
                        Stumblingbear, Eugene Glen 'Al-hongia' {Louie} (+2) Lesley Ann Wallace
                                Stumblingbear, Satawna
                        Stumblingbear, Eugene Glen 'Al-hongia' {Louie} (+3) V. Lynn Byrd
                        Stumblingbear, Mark Lester (+1) Vicky Simmons
                                Stumblingbear, Micheal (+1) Tywlana Lookinglass
                                        Stumblingbear, Cyrillo
                                        Stumblingbear, Cyilis
                        Stumblingbear, Mark Lester (+2) Angela Rhodd
                                Rhodd, Shannon (+1) ?? Cerre
                        Stumblingbear, Mark Lester (+3) Megan Sill
                                Stumblingbear, EvansRay Zotigh Hall
                        Stumblingbear, Emma Mae (+1) William Armour
                                Armour, William 
                                Armour, Adrienne (+1) 
                                        Armour, Mareena Mae
                                Armour, Adrienne (+2) Jube Olivares
                                        Olivares-Armour, Silverio
                        Stumblingbear, Emma Mae (+2) Dean Deere
                                Deere, Deana
                        Stumblingbear, Emma Mae (+3) Martin Villa
                                Villa, Antonia
Zotigh, Mildred Evelyn [1922] (+1) Lester Morsbach
        ZOTIGH, Fred Roy "Hall" 'Tho-v^aui' [1903] (+2) Ruby Aunko 'B'e-hol-e'' [1906]

                Zotigh, Fred Roy (+1) Kay Maxine Wayland
                        Zotigh, RaLon                    
                Zotigh, Fannie Mae "Dinky Lu" (+1) Charles O. Simpson Sr.
Simpson, Julie Ann
                        Simpson, Charles O.
                 Zotigh, Fannie Mae " Dinky Lu " (+2) Danny Brandhorst
                Zotigh, Silas Reuben "Cy Hall" (+1) Marie Komalty
Zotigh, Vance Hartley "Hall"
                Zotigh, Silas Reuben "Cy Hall" (+2) Carol Tahchawwickah
Zotigh, Patty Jane
                 Zotigh, Silas Reuben "Cy Hall" (+3) Georgeanne Otipoby
                Zotigh, Silas Reuben "Cy Hall" (+4) Shirley Blackburn
Zotigh, Silas Moon Eagle "Cy" (+1) Sabrina Alvarado
                                Zotigh, Andora Grae
                                Zotigh, Sandrina Bleu

                        Zotigh, Darbonia Small Star
                Zotigh, Donald Roy
                Zotigh, Randlett "Hap Hall" (+1) Lora Jane Tosh
Zotigh, James Anthony
                        Zotigh, Monica
                        Zotigh, Renee

                Zotigh, Randlett "Hap Hall" (+1) Verna ??
                Zotigh, Harlan "Hall" 'Tocakut' (+1) Francine Purdy
Zotigh, Crystal
                        Zotigh, Lael
                        Zotigh, Leroy War Eagle

                Zotigh, Augie "Hall" (+1) Ronald Lee Moore
Moore, Craig Ashley (+1) Heather Marie Nelson
                                Moore, Ashley Marie
                                Moore, Eric Matthew
Moore, Catherine Sue "Cathy" (+1) Terry Royce Finley
                                Finley, Natalie Michelle
                                Finley, Noelle Marie

        ZOTIGH, Stephen "Hall" 'Tone-tahlee' [1904] (+1) Anna Geiogamah [1902]
                Zotigh, Glover 'Zay-ba-ti' (+1) Beverly Bigsoldier Plumley
  Zotigh, Albin Roy
                        Zotigh, Randal Glove 'Tahlee ah'  (+1) Janet ??

                                Zotigh, Randal Glove, II
                                Zotigh, Andrew Thomas      
        ZOTIGH, Stephen "Hall" 'Tone-tahlee' [1904] (+2) Inez Amaunkomo [1903]
                Zotigh, William Baggett "Bill" (+1) Louise Whitehorse
         Zotigh, Stephen Charles (+1)
                                Zotigh, Mitzi Gayle Hall (+1) Nathan Robinson
                                        Robinson, Stephen
                                        Robinson, Inez
                                        Robinson, Mia
                                        Robinson, Nate

                        Zotigh, Lou Ann 
                        Zotigh, William H.
                        Zotigh, Perry Keith

                Zotigh, Kirby Perry (+1) Alberta Whiteskunk

                        Zotigh, Kirby, Jr. 
                        Zotigh, Wesley
                        Zotigh, Frances
                        Zotigh, Linda
                        Zotigh, Jonell
                        Zotigh, Albert Ralph

                Zotigh, Patricia Tiata "Pat" (+1) Frank Espinosa
Espinoza, Myrna
                        Espinoza, George
                        Espinoza, Frank Jr.
                        Espinoza, Suzie
                        Espinoza, Freida
                        Espinoza, Phillip A.

                Zotigh, Spencer Reynolds, Sr. 'Tone-do-anhole' (+1) Carol Jane Thompson
                        Zotigh, Spencer Reynolds, Jr 'Tahlee-ah' (+1) Rena Rose Manuel
                                Zotigh, Spencer "Tres" Reynolds, III (+1) Dolores Cipriana Quinones
                                        Zotigh, D'renae Xianna Rae
                                        Zotigh, Yvette Sioban Linnae
                                        Zotigh, Raelene Charrise
                                        Zotigh, Kelvin Bilby Spencer
                                Zotigh, Kirk Aaron (+1) Christina Lynn Thomas
                                        Zotigh, Kevin Levi Aaron
                                        Zotigh, Sanuye Rose Lynn
                                Zotigh, Kirk Aaron (+2) Claudia Matilda Lewis
                                        Zotigh-Lewis, Kazehn Nathaniel
                                Zotigh, Kirk Aaron (+3) Raenell Gary Thomas
                                        Zotigh, Jalen Michael
                                        Zotigh, Amari Xiana
                                        Zotigh, Kaden Ray
                                Zotigh, Kevin
                                Zotigh, Kelvin
                                Zotigh, Larz Gene (+1) Jessica Dannilynn Burns
                                        Zotigh, Jeremiah Taylor Burns
                                Zotigh, Larz Gene (+2) Tasha Price
                                        Zotigh, Sylant Veronica Price
                                Zotigh, Samantha Jane (+1)  Todd Delano Juan
                                        Juan, Secret Faye Rose
                                        Juan, Tristen Todd Delano
                                Zotigh, Samantha Jane (+2) Brennan Leighton Sorrell
                                        Sorrell, Rain Ayane Marie
                                        Sorrell, ReiAnn Ayita Rose
                        Zotigh, Spencer Reynolds, Jr 'Tahlee-ah' (+2) Carolyn Jean Myles
                        Zotigh, Shirlee Rae 'Eye-day-mah' (+1) Paul Lewis Pahdocony

                                Pahdocony, Kimmie Rae 'Thoy-hoddle' 
                        Zotigh, Shirlee Rae 'Eye-day-mah' (+2) Jesse David Sturms
                                Sturms, Justin Christopher 'Yayh-hop-tahlee'
                        Zotigh, Shirlee Rae 'Eye-day-mah' (+3) 
                                Zotigh, Syreeta Leah 'Tah-ko-we-mah'
                        Zotigh, Shirlee Rae 'Eye-day-mah' (+4) Gustavo Rene Garcia Solorzano
                                Zotigh, Anna Janette 'Kau-ko-e'
                        Zotigh, Kenneth Leroy 'Zo-ti' (+1) Cynthia Ann Theresa Antunes
                                Zotigh, Eric Joshua 'Thay-ah-un-tah'
                                Zotigh, Stephen Joseph 'Tone-tahlee'
                        Zotigh, Kenneth Leroy 'Zo-ti' (+2) Cynthia R. Flournoy
                        Zotigh, Francis Scott 'Tope-day-ah' (+1) Karen Koehler 
                                Zotigh, Jennifer Anne 
                                Zotigh, Holli Snow 
                        Zotigh, Lori Jane {Moore} (+1) Michael Elroy Walker
                                Walker, Michael Devine
                                Walker, Trevian Durrell
                Zotigh, Spencer Reynolds, Sr. 'Tone-do-anhole' (+2) Darlene Hovaka
              Zotigh, Dee Renee (+1)
Bolig, Thomas
                        Zotigh, Dee Renee (+2)
                                Zotigh, Shane Dean (+1)
                                        Zotigh, Jacob
                        Zotigh, Dee Renee (+3)
                                Wolf, Benjamin
                        Zotigh, Dee Renee (+4)
                                Wagner, Heather
                        Zotigh, Walter
                        Zotigh, Derin L. (+1)
Zotigh, Sean Anthony 'Tone-Tie-Yah' (+1)
                                        Zotigh, Mariah Leigh 'Own-day-Tsahn'
                        Zotigh, Yvette (+1)
Zotigh Roderick Ray
                        Zotigh, Yvette (+2)
                                Zotigh, Kevin Lee
                                Zotigh, Travis Royce
                        Zotigh, Yvette (+3)
                                Ahhaity, Glen Havokah
                                Ahhaity, Melvin Lee
                Zotigh, Ralph (+1) Maxine C. Wilson
                        Zotigh, Dennis Wayne (+1) Jenifer Gover 
Zotigh, Kaydee London
                        Zotigh, Sharon (+1) 

                                Zotigh, Lance Hunter
                                Zotigh, Autumn Serene
                        Zotigh, William "Billy"
                Zotigh, Presley 
                Zotigh, Joquetta Ann "Cookie" [1941] (+1) Edwin E. Kaubin
        ZOTIGH, Panno [1908]
                Hall, Buelah (+1) Charley Redbird
                Hall, Buelah (+2) Caddo Jim
                Hall, Buelah (+3) Moses Tinetigh
        ZOTIGH, Mae "Hall" [1911] (+1) Roger Tofpi [1906]
Tofpi, Lindbergh Sr. (+1) Etta Wash
Tofpi, Gloria Nan
                        Tofpi, Lindbergh Jr.
                        Tofpi, Dewayne
Tofpi, Harry Lee
                Tofpi, Ruby Belle (+1) ?? Williams
                Tofpi, Mona (+1) Willis Nauni
                Tofpi, Mary "Chely" (+1)
Tofpi, Tommy
Tofpi, Sara (+1) ?? PoorBuffalo
                Tofpi, Rachel LouAnn (+1) Charles Stickler Sr.
Stickler, Cheryl
                        Stickler, Charles Jr.
                        Stickler, Roger

        ZOTIGH, Wilson "Hall" [1914] (+1) Caroline Deroin
Hall-Zotigh, Theodore Lewis Sr.
                Hall-Zotigh, Mary Mae
                Hall-Zotigh, Lina Marlene (+1) ?? Colclazier
                Hall-Zotigh, Harry J.

        ZOTIGH, Rose "Hall" [1917] (+1) ?? Redbone
Redbone, Henry Leon (+1) Barbara Scott
                        Redbone, LouCreta
                        Redbone, Henry Leon Jr.
                        Redbone, Paula
                        Redbone, Alice
                        Redbone, Robert

        ZOTIGH, Rose "Hall" [1917] (+2) Edward Hummingbird

                Hummingbird, Alice Faye (+1) Willis Lomavaya
                        Lomavaya, Mitzie Arlene (+1) ?? Sanchez
                                Sanchez, Elizabeth Jean (+1) ?? Flores
                                        Flores, Desiree LeAnn
                                        Flores, Aubrianna Elise
Lomavaya, Mitzie Arlene (+2) Bennion Tewayguna
                                Tewayguna, Durand Ben
Lomavaya, Matilda Rose (+1) 
                                Lomavaya, Angel 'O Mah'
Lomavaya, Matilda Rose (+2) Guillermo Dominguez
                                Dominguez, Carlos Guillermo
Lomavaya, Mary Alice (+1) ?? Sinquah
                                Sinquah, Steven Dale
Lomavaya, Mary Alice (+2) Anthony Lomakema
                                Lomakema, Jared Claude
Lomavaya, David Lawrence (+1) 
                                Lomavaya, Renee' Alice (+1)
                                     Lomavaya, Xavier Angel Zotigh Lawerence
                                         Lomavaya, Zoe Simone
                                Lomavaya, Ashley
                                Lomavaya, Andrew Zotigh
Lomavaya, John Lee (+1) Ramona Martinez
                                Lomavaya, Jeremy Wills
                             Lomavaya, Wyatt James
                                 Lomavaya, Alyss Marie
                                 Martinez, Raymond Edgar
                Hummingbird, Alice Faye (+2) Edgar Monetathchi, Sr.
        ZOTIGH, Rose "Hall" [1917] (+3) David Starr
                Starr, David Jr. (+1) Margaret Whitecrow
                        Starr, Maynoma (+1) 
                                Starr, Casey
                                Starr, Natasha

                Starr, Thomas (+1) Tessie Satepauhoodle
                        Starr, Deanna
                        Starr, Allyson
                        Starr, Anita
                        Starr, Thomas J.

                Starr, Harry Noble (+1) Gladys Satepauhoodle
                        Starr, Beverly (+1) David Topaum
                        Starr, Lawrence
                        Starr, Harry N. Jr.
                        Starr, Nicole

                Starr, Inola (+1) Phillip Killsfirst
                        Killsfirst, Steven
                        Killsfirst, Tina
                        Killsfirst, Karen
                        Killsfirst, Phillip Jr.
                        Killsfirst, Kristopher

                Starr, Joy Faye (+1) Robert Blackwolf
                        Blackwolf, John David
                Starr, Nellie (+1) Claude Fletcher
                        Fletcher, Claude David
                        Fletcher, Cherubum

        ZOTIGH, Richard "Hall"  [1918]
        ZOTIGH, Mary Alice "Hall" [1921] (+1) Mack Cizek
                Cizek, Pauline Belle (+1) Marland Tahbonemah
Tahbonemah, Mary Elizabeth (+1) David Wikel
Wikel, Jeremy David (+1)
Wikel, Elizabeth Ann
Wikel, Ethane Blaine
                                         Wikel, Darian James
                                Wikel, Jaime Dion (+1)  ? Edmonson
                                         Edmonson, Colton Wade
Wikel, Jaime Dion (+2)  ? Crawford
                                     Crawford, Aaliyah Niccole
                                         Crawford, Edgar Morrell
                        Tahbonemah, Mary Elizabeth (+2) ? Schuld
                                Schuld, Jason Dwayne
Tahbonemah, Mary Elizabeth (+3) Mark McKenzie
Tahbonemah, Fannie Marline (+1) Terry Richmond
Richmond, Jennifer Kaye
Richmond, Charles Joseph
                                Richmond, Mary Josephine
Cizek, Pauline Belle (+2) Frank Kowena
Kowena, Charley Frank
                        Kowena, Dwayne Dean (+1) 
Kowena, Dwayne Frank
        ZOTIGH, Mary Alice "Hall" [1921] (+2) Preston Morrell


Blue = The Children of Harry and Belle
Green = The Grandchildren of Harry and Belle 
Brown = The Great-grandchildren of Harry and Belle (some of these are the last to have seen Harry and Belle when they were living.)


From tribal historian Atwater Onco:

Harry Hall Zotigh's sisters were:
    "Be Ko"
    Joanne Kaundy
        unknown - father
        "Gautigh" or "Kau-thai-day" - Mother

Harry Hall Zotigh's parents were:
    "Ah-maun-kee-nah" (Capt. Hall)  - Father
    "Kau-thai-day" - Mother

Belle Koomsa's parents were:
    "Chaddle-ointy" - Father
    "Tah-ko-we-ah" - Mother
            "Set-angya" (Chief Sitting Bear)- Father
            "Kaun-ye-aty" - Mother



Kiowa name meanings:

Zo-ti = Driftwood
Kau-ko-e =
Tone-tahlee = Water boy
Zay-ba-ti = White arrow
Tahlee-ah = boy comes (along)
Tone-do-anhole = Runs them over (with his wheels)
Eye-day-mah = Leaf woman
Thoy-hoddle = kills two in a tent
Yayh-hop-tahlee = ? boy
Tah-ko-we-mah = Shadow woman
Thay-ah-un-tah = (we are) glad you came back
Tope-day-ah = standing in front  (leading the way)
Poh-lah-ee = rabbit
Al-hongia =
Tocakut =
Tho-v^aui = 
B'e-hol-e' =
Tone-Tie-Yah = He's [Jesus] coming on water.
Own-day-Tsahn = We're glad she came.
Thay-gyah-bone-maw = Everyone notices/sees him.
Gya-khome-day-he-tone-mah-tone = She comes from beautiful people.

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